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Dermal Filler Treatments

Prices for Dermal Fillers:
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Dermal Filler Treatment Prices

Cost per treatment: from £90.00
Our most popular dermal filler treatment is even more accessible, priced at £90 for 0.50ml or £160 for 1ml of dermal filler. Lip filler treatment is suitable for adding volume and definition, reducing the signs of ageing and correcting any unbalanced asymmetry. We specialise in Russian Lips.

Dermal Filler Treatment Guide Price:

Russian Volume Lips
Standard Lip Enhancement per 1.1ml
Standard Lip Enhancement 0.5ml
Bring a Bestie Lip Filler Deal ‍♀️
Bring a Bestie Russian Volume Lips
Lips & Lines
2ml Filler Package
3ml Filler Package
4ml Filler Package
5.5ml Contouring Package
5.5ml Bespoke Rejuvenation Package
8 Point Liquid Facelift
Lumi Eyes 3 Treatment Package
Lumi Eyes Single Session
Glo-Tox Microneedling Facial
Cheeks per 1.1ml
Chin Countouring per 1.1ml
Nasiolabial Folds (nose to mouth lines) per 1.1ml
Marionettes Lines (mouth to chin lines) per 1.1ml
Smokers/ Lipstick Lines per 1.1ml
Liquid Rhinoplasty (non surgical nose job) per 1.1ml
Liquid Rhinoplasty (2 Week Review) - Free
Tear Trough (under eyes) per 1.1ml
Tear Trough Review - Free


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Recognised as one of The Best Botox Clinics In Edinburgh  -